2017 Fall Conference

New Haven, CT    October 11-13, 2017


News from the Education Committee:

  • 38 attendees;
  • 32 surverys returned;
  • 5 first time attendees;
  • 100% interested in another NAAPA conference;
  • 7 attendees interested in HOSTING a future conference; and
  • 5 attendees are interested in PRESENTING a future conference.

Many hours of planning resulted in a great Fall conference at Yale this year, and we’re very encouraged by the thoughtful comments many of you made on the satisfaction surveys.  Here’s some of the surveyed members feedback:

Positive Feedback

Suggestions for Improvement

Many members really enjoyed the location at New Haven and appreciated
the speakers and the venue. Some members commented that the volume was just
right in the room.

However, one member suggested that we hold our conferences in larger
cities where it was more of a draw for the spouses.

Education committee note: we do occasionally hold conferences in
the larger metropolis areas – but the costs of those areas are sometimes
prohibitive and we have to live within the budget of the organization and
what our members will pay for.

The conference was well organized; Great
work by all the Board and Education Committee members

Education committee response: thanks!
We work hard at this! Your pleasure at our conference makes us happy!

Very focused on the medical school affiliation – should also think
about Academic Medical centers.

Education committee response: great comment! We try to hit all
three missions of an academic medical center at each conference. We will
keep that in mind every time.

Many members complimented us on how
welcoming we are as a group and that we devote just enough social time
together to get to know one another.


Board response: We really try hard to
be welcoming and are glad that it is being noticed!

Start at 9am not 7am – Too long a day.

Nice to meet similar professionals and
share industry knowledge.

Would like topics to be more practical.


Education committee response: We hear
you! We are trying hard to engage more members to share their stories of
successes/near misses in implementing programs that are of interest to all of
us – I hope you like our developing Cleveland agenda – see below for more

Color copies/handouts are appreciated

Several people suggested that we make a concerted effort to let all
the Chairs of academic medical centers know about our group and support
sending their administrators to our conferences/and or send direct
invitations to all administrators nationwide. It was also suggested that we
have more one-to-one connection –maybe through regional representatives.

Board response: we are looking at revamping our letters to Chairs
and Administrators to welcome them to our next conference. Regional
representatives would be great!

We also listened to your comments over the last few conferences for suggestions for future topics and we’re pleased to say that our preliminary agenda will highlight many of them.


For Cleveland, we will definitely have the following:

CPT Code Optimization with Robin L. Roach, MBA, CHBME (Duke

Many of you have asked for topics around coding, reimbursement and
clinic operations in general. We are so fortunate to have as one of our
members Ms. Roach from Duke to help us with our questions

Scribe Program – Implementation and lessons learned with Sherrie
Martinez from UCLA

Ms. Martinez, also one of our members, has implemented a scribe
program at UCLA and has implemented a scribe program for busy psychiatrists
and we can learn from her how/when to implement scribes in our practices

Collaborative Care Models (Pat Runnels, MD)

New models of collaborative clinical care will be showcased in
Cleveland by a national expert

Faculty incentive programs

Brian Donnellan from Stanford will share with us his faculty
incentive programs that they have implemented at Stanford

Workforce Development Programs

We are working on a presentation about an innovative program at the
University Hospitals in Cleveland around workforce development, especially of
advanced practice practitioners.

Please join us in the Spring in Cleveland!  And thanks for all the great comments on the surveys – we do read them and listen to our members when designing our upcoming conferences.  Best, the Education Committee.



  • Newell Lecture: Psychological Medicine
  • Inpatient Unit Reconfiguration at the Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital
  • Interventional Psychiatry Service: Ketamine and other rapidly acting antidepressants
    • Tour of the ECT Suite
  • Sandy Hook: The Science of Violence and Compassion
  • The Connecticut Mental Health Center: A Unique and Vibrant University-State Partnership
  • A Payer’s Perspective on the Current State of Behavioral Medicine – Anthem, Inc
  • Diversity
  • Take Two Minutes — A member-led Q&A session
    • Everything you ever wanted to ask your hospital SVP, moderated by special guest Michael Holmes, Chief Integration Officer at Yale New Haven Hospital

Download the Full Agenda