Board of Directors

2020-2021 Board of Directors

President: Liz Stevenson
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Term ends Apr 2021


President-Elect: Rebecca Schmitt
Term ends Apr 2021


Immediate Past President: Irma Sanchez
Term ends Apr 2021


Treasurer: Pratik Prajapati
Term 1 ends Apr 2022

Secretary: Kelsey Montross
Term 1 ends Apr 2021


Membership Director: Jeanne Lincoln
Term 1 ends Apr 2021


Members at Large:


Education: Vicki Dennis
Term 1 ends Apr 2021


Information Technology: Joshua Ryder-Miller 223-8850
Term 2 ends Apr 2021

Membership: Lindsey Dozanti
Term 1 ends April 2022


Professional Development: Vicki Dennis
Term 1 ends April 2022


Standing Committees

Membership Development Committee
 Chair, Jeanne Lincoln
 Member at Large, Lindsey Dozanti

Education / Professional Development Committee
 Chair, Liz Stevenson
 Member at Large, Vicki Dennis
 Irma Sanchez, President
 Joshua Corbin, Member
 Pratik Prajapati, Treasurer
 Jennifer Collins, Technology Liaison

Professional Development Committee
 Chair, Vicki Dennis 
 Member, pending
 Member, pending

Technology Development Committee
 Chair, Josh Ryder-Miller
 Member, Jennifer Collins

Finance Committee
 Member, Suzanne Fowble
 Member, Sammi LeClaire

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