2018-2019 Board of Directors

Board Contact Information


President: Jennifer Collins
Contact the President
Term ends Apr 2019


President-Elect: Irma Sanchez
Term ends Apr 2019



Immediate Past President: Marika Brigham
(352) 265-7981
Term ends Apr 2019


Treasurer: Carly Collins
NAAPATreasurer@gmail.com • (734) 936-8269
Term 1 ends Apr 2019


Secretary: Cindy Smith
(314) 362-7004
Term 2 ends Apr 2020


Membership Director: Brian Donnellan
Term 1 ends Apr 2020


Members at Large:

Benchmarking: Lindsey Dozanti
(216) 844-5861
Term 1 ends Apr 2019


Education: Liz Stevenson
(503) 494-6144
Term 2 ends Apr 2020


Information Technology: Joshua Ryder-Miller
NAAPATech@gmail.com(937) 223-8850
Term 1 ends Apr 2019


Membership: Rebecca Schmidt

Term 1 ends April 2020



Standing Committees

Membership Development Committee
Chair, Brian Donnellan
Member, Rebecca Schmidt
Member, Melissa Sinclair

Education / Professional Development Committee
Chair, Irma Sanchez
Member at Large, Liz Stevenson
Member, pending
Technology Liaison, pending

Strategic Planning / Benchmarking Committee
Chair, Lindsey Dozanti
Member, Brian Donnellan

Technology Development Committee
Chair, Josh Ryder-Miller
Member, Jennifer Collins

Finance Committee
Member, Suzanne Fowble
Member, Lie Hong Tan
Member, Sammi LeClaire