Position Responsibilities

Board Member Responsibilities

  • Attend NAAPA Meetings
    • Bi Annual Conference and Board Meetings (Board meets day prior to conference)
    • Annual Business Meeting (Board Election) at Fall Conference
  • Monthly Board Teleconference


  • Develop, implement and communicate Strategic Goals and Bylaws
  • Chair of NAAPA Board

One Year Term


  • Chair Education Committee
    • Plan and Coordinate Annual Fall and Spring Education Conferences
    • Develop and promote educational opportunities
  • Develop and Implement of Strategic Goals / Plan with the Board

One Year Term

Immediate Past-President

  • Chair Nominating Committee
  • Present Proposed Amendments/Changes to Bylaws to the Membership
  • Develop and Implement Strategic Goals / Plan

One Year Term


  • Prepare and Present Financial Statements to Board and Membership
  • Maintain NAAPA Financial Records and Carry Out Bookkeeping Functions
  • Invoice, Receive and Apply Payments for Membership Dues and Conference Registration
  • Coordinate Submission of Tax Documents per IRS Requirements

Two Year Term, Eligible for One Term Renewal


  • Record and Retain all Official Board Documents of the Organization
  • Develop/Revise Policy and Board of Directors Manual, as needed
  • Newsletter Editor

Two Year Term, Eligible for One Term Renewal

Membership Director

  • Marketing and Outreach Activity
  • Membership Retention and Growth Strategy
  • Maintain Membership Roster
  • Liaison with Membership Member at Large

Two Year Term, Eligible for One Term Renewal

Members-at-Large (MaL)

  • Review succession plan for MaL Director at BOD Meeting

Tasks & Special Projects

  • MaL – Technology Development
    • Coordinate Website Development and Maintenance
    • Administer the ListServ and other Organizational Media
    • Liaison with Education Committee
  • MaL – Education
    • Support and Coordinate with the President-Elect Regarding all Educational Development Activities
  • MaL – Strategic Planning and Benchmarking
    • Support and Coordinate with the President Regarding the Development and Implementation of Strategic Plan/Strategic Goals
    • Develop, Administer, and Report on Benchmarking Surveys
  • MaL – Membership
    • Support and Coordinate with the Membership Director Regarding Marketing, Outreach and Retention Activity

Two Year Term, Eligible for One Term Renewal