Listserv FAQ

What is the Listserv?

The NAAPA listserv is a direct connection to discuss best practices, upcoming events and ask questions.  You can connect with NAAPA members instantaneously by posting a message on the NAAPA Listserv by sending an email to

Messages will go to the members work email address (as provided upon membership sign-up).  Past discussions can be perused in a forum format either on the NAAPA homepage,the google groups page and at the bottom of this page.  You must be logged into the google account setup with your work email address in order to see this version of the listserv.  See below for more information in setting that up.

How do I sign-up to the Listserv?

All NAAPA members are automatically added to the listserv. To become a member user the Membership Enrollment Form.  If you are already a member but feel you are not on the listserv please contact and we will check your Listserv & NAAPA membership status.

How do I log-in to the Listserv?

Go to the Google Log-in page and log-in with your NAAPA membership email address.

How do I create a google account with my work email?

  1. Go to the Google Account creation page
  2. Click the link under ‘Choose Username’ box that says ‘I would prefer to use my current email address’
  3. Fill the form out as normal, using your work email address in the ‘Choose Username’ box
  4. Click the ‘Next Step’ box
  5. Approve the Privacy and Terms

Done!  Once you are logged into this google account, that uses your work email address, you will be able to see the listserv on the NAAPA homepage, google groups page and below (you may need to refresh the page / click here)

You can scroll through previous conversations and even reply to them within this view.  You can also create new topics that will be sent out to everyone using the ‘New Topic’ button.