Membership Awards

Awards are presented to NAAPA members annually at the Spring Business Meeting, which occurs at the Spring Education Conference. Following members have been recognized for their contributions to NAAPA.

President’s Award: Awarded to a member determined to have made significant contributions and long term commitment to NAAPA

Board of Directors Award: Awarded to a member who had made a significant contribution during the previous year and to the ongoing activities of the organization

Rising Star Award: Recognition given to all new members (within the first three years of membership) who have participated in a significant way in NAAPA activities. This could include speaking at a conference, writing and article for the newsletter, serving on a committee, or any other activity recognized by the Board as contributing to NAAPA

2019 Award Recipients

President’s Award: Ruth Irwin

Board of Director’s Award: Pam Wesley

Rising Star Award: Vicki Dennis

2018 Award Recipients

President’s Award: Beth Ambinder

Board of Director’s Award: Brian Donnellan

Rising Star Award: Sherrie Martinez

2017 Award Recipients

President’s Award: Steve Blanchard

Board of Director’s Award: Brian Spector

Rising Star Award: Irma Sanchez

2016 Award Recipients

President’s Award: Narriman Shahrokh

Board of Director’s Award: Jim Landry

Rising Star Award: Joshua Ryder-Miller | LeeAnn Martinez

2015 Award Recipients

President’s Award: Jim Meyer

Board of Director’s Award: Lindsey Dozanti

Rising Star Award: Jennifer Collins