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Vol 30, No. 3  Winter 2019
Greetings from the Education Committee!
We had a wonderful conference in Dallas October 17-18, 2019

Liz’s top best things about Dallas:
5. Those Fried Jalapeno things at Blue Goose Cantina
4. The free shuttles at UT SW that take you on the private roads
3. Dickey’s BBQ
2. Death March between Aloft Hotel and UTSW
1. The faculty dining room at UTSW!  Wow! 
I guess I really liked the food – but seriously! The conference itself was wonderful and we learned from so many great speakers from UTSW about their programs, their joys, their struggles and the communities that they serve.  It was a privilege to hear from them and I want to share what we learned with the rest of you who couldn’t make it.  If you are a member, the slides from their talks will be posted on our website.  Here is the thumbnail sketch of the speakers and their talks:
1. Dr. Carol Tamminga is the Chair of UTSW – a renowned schizophrenia researcher, started off our conference with a great overview of the Department – a nice introduction to the work the department does in Dallas and its surrounding communities.
2. Dr. Kenneth Dekleva was a warm introduction to the importance of telehealth in our communities.  He reminded us why it is rapidly becoming the norm across the nation:  it is a consumer-friendly way to provide service to someone’s home which can alleviate the stress patients’ can feel in long journeys to doctor’s offices, especially if the patient is elderly or has a compromising medical condition.  Dr. Dekleva entertained us with his understanding of the rise of this technology, his former position as a psychiatrist to the foreign service, and his understanding of Darpa, the “secret squirrels” of the government that thought this stuff up to begin with. 
3. Susan Mahioddin from Vizient explained to us how Vizient benchmarks productivity for different specialties.  We had the chance to interact with Susan about Psychiatry and what we wished for benchmarks for Psychiatry – stay tuned!  We hope we made a difference.
4. After lunch, we had the invigorating Dr. Kim Roaten from Parkland Hospital come and tell us about how she rolled out a universal suicidal screen and evaluation program at that hospital.  She was fascinating – and if your hospital is thinking doing a screen you should really take a look at her talk and read the papers she’s published on the issue – it is both enlightening and a bit alarming at the numbers of people out there suffering with suicidal ideation.
5. We ended Thursday with Dr. Presten Wiles, the Director of the Student and Resident Wellness and Counseling Center.  The first part of his presentation was devoted to describing the growing needs of his population of interest (students and residents) and how they treat them.  The second half of the presentation was a calm, mindfulness session with all of us that was a perfect way to end a long conference day. 
6. Friday morning we started bright and early with Vicki describing the new training program for Department Administrators that UT Southwestern is developing – and we got a chance to peek at their training materials.  This was a great way to begin the final stretch of the conference as we could all remember what training we had (or didn’t have) and how we wished we could gain more training for our jobs.  It was great to think that through – and as I came back to my job, the first thing I pulled out of my conference folder was the list of topics that UT is putting together and thinking about my own training program for my managers.
7. One of the most unique presentations we had at any conference happened next:  we got the chance to hear from the mental health and administrative leaders of Paul Quinn College (and they refer to themselves as “Quinnites”) an HBCU or Historical Black Colleges and Universities.  There are approximately 120 of these institutions in the U.S. and yet I don’t have much knowledge about them because they are all in the Southern and Eastern parts of the U.S.  This presentation was fascinating as they described to us their challenges to provide mental health coverage to students of their college, using UT SW resources and other resources from their community. 
8. We ended the conference listening to a fascinating research project where UT SW researchers took the temperature of the community college students in the Dallas County area – a huge, underserved population of people who normally are not served.  There’s more work to be done on this project, but we found it fascinating to hear about their successes, and near successes!
It was a wonderful conference with many presentations to keep us all engaged for a day and a half – and I thank the wonderful hosts at UT SW for putting on a great show for us!
Look forward to seeing you in Boston where our friends at Tufts will host us next April 15-17 2020 – we will have a wonderful line-up there as well and more will come out on the listserv as we firm up the possibilities. 

Liz Stevenson
Senior Department Administrator, OHSU Department of Psychiatry
Education Committee

2019 Fall Educational Conference Presentations
Hosted by UT Southwestern, Dallas

The Fall 2019 Conference Presentations have been posted and can be downloaded in the Members Only section of the NAAPA website. Contact  for assistance.

Presentation Topics:

Newell Lecture: Telemedicine
Kenneth Dekleva, MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director, psychiatry-Medicine Integration

Introduction to the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern
Carol A. Tamminga, MD
Professor & Chair, Department of Psychiatry
UT Southwestern Medical School

Telemedicine Round Table Discussion
Vicki Dennis (NAAPA member)
Department Administrator
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center

The Art of Benchmarking

Susan Mahioddin
Vizient Presentation

Universal Suicide Screening: Strategies for Success and Lessons Learned
Kim Roaten, PhD, CRC
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Director of Quality for Safety, Education, and Implementation for the
Department of Psychiatry – Parkland Health & Hospital System

Student and Resident Wellness / Mindfulness

Presten Wiles, MD
Director, Student and Resident Wellness and Counseling
The Drs. Anne and George Race Professor of Student Psychiatry

Turning fishes to loaves – how to hire and orient a new department administrator

Vicki Dennis (NAAPA Member)
Department Administrator
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center

The Paul Quinn Story

Dr. Stacia Alexander
Program Coordinator, Mental Health & Wellness
Dr. Kizuwanda G. Grant
VP, Institutional Program and Title IX Coordinator
Paul Quinn College

HB13 Texas S.H.I.E.L.D. (State Health Initiative for EarLy Detection)

Anubha Sood, PhD and Aimee Israel, LCSW
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
Vicki Dennis (NAAPA Member)
Department Administrator
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center

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I originally hail from Upstate New York. Moved to Boston for college and have lived here ever since. I received my Masters’ Degree from Northeastern University in Counseling Psychology specializing in Addictions. Following graduation, I worked for the City of Boston in their methadone clinic. Being a counselor in that environment just was not for me. So 15 years ago I took a position at Tufts Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry as the Inpatient Admissions Coordinator, otherwise known as “The Gatekeeper”. I have held two other positions within the department, Supervisor of Ambulatory Clinics and Business Operations Manager. As the Administrative Director, I oversee Ambulatory Services, Inpatient Services, Business Planning and all of our outside contracts. We contract with the Department of Mental Health and run the psychiatric services at two state hospitals and psychological services at one state hospital. I am currently the member at large for the membership committee and have been a part of NAAPA for over 5 years. In my spare time (wink wink), I am a mom to 2 crazy boys who constantly keep my on my toes. We are involved in every sport known to man and I serve on the board of our youth baseball program. If you don’t find me at work, you’ll find me on a ball field or a basketball court!

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