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   Vol 30, No. 2
Fall 2019

A Message from the President

By Irma Sanchez

Greetings NAAPA colleagues,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the 2019 President of NAAPA.  My best wishes to all new and current members and hope that many of you have taken the opportunity to spend time with family or travel this summer.  With our challenging roles, personal time can be the opportunity to reset!

We have new and familiar colleagues serving on the board of directors this year:  Jennifer Collins (Past President – University of Kansas, Wichita), Carly Collins (Treasurer – University of Michigan), Kelsey Montross (Secretary/Newsletter – University of Iowa), Jeanne Lincoln (Membership – Nebraska Med Center), Lindsey Dozanti (Benchmarking – UH Cleveland), Liz Stevenson (Education – Oregon Health & Science University), Josh Ryder-Miller (Technology – Wright State University), Rebecca Schmidt (Membership – Tufts), and Vicki Dennis (Member-at-Large – UT Southwestern).

It is exciting to see valuable questions being posted on our NAAPA listserv recently.  The NAAPA board is “listening” to the topics and we are striving to provide you with up-to-date information through the newsletter, website, and our educational conferences to better serve you in your career and membership.   With many changes and nuances in psychiatry, it is more important than ever to provide our members the educational opportunities to share and learn from each other.

The highlight for Fall 2019 is our upcoming Educational Conference that will be held in Dallas, TX, October 16-18, 2019, hosted by Vicki Dennis (UT Southwestern).  We will be covering some great topics that includes a morning session on Telemedicine.   We will also enjoy great Mexican food and Texas BBQ!   There is still time to register on our website:  

In closing, I want to continue to challenge our NAAPA members to mentor others at your institution.  Most of us can say that our profession is challenging and unique compared to other healthcare administrators not associated with academic medical centers.  Your NAAPA membership can be valuable not only to your own professional growth, but to those you serve and lead. 

Thank you for your continued support and membership. 


Please let us know how we can best serve you!


Best wishes, 

Irma Sanchez, MPA, CMPE

President NAAPA


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A Message from the President

Fall 2019 Educational Conference

Highlights from the Spring 2019 Educational Conference

Education Committee Updates

2018-2019 Board Members


Newsletter Contributions

NAAPA News Editor
Kelsey Montross, NAAPA Secetary

Fall 2019 Educational Conference
Host:  UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX
Host:  Vicki Dennis
October 16-18, 2019
Dallas, TX

Welcome NAAPA members to Dallas, TX!

We’re excited and honored to be hosting the NAAPA 2019 FallEducational Conference.  Enjoy your stay at the Aloft Dallas Love Field located near the UT campus.There are myriads of activities in Dallas to choose from – instead of us organizing an excursion, we are going to let everybody know what’s happening in Dallas and suggest you organize your own festivities after the conference! 



  • Telehealth! Telehealth! Telehealth!  Texas Style!
  • Suicide Screening Project
  • Employee Engagement
  • UTSW Student/Resident Wellness Programs
  • Paul Quinn Story

And the ever popular

  • Take 2 Minutes!

Come join us for comradery amongst your peers! 

See you in Dallas!
More conference details are available on the NAAPA website:

2019 Spring Educational Conference Presentations
Hosted by UCLA

The spring 2019 Conference Presentations have been posted and can be downloaded in the Members Only section of the NAAPA website. Contact  for assistance.

Presentation Topics:
Newell Lecture: Building a Board of Advisors
Thomas Strouse, MD, PhD
Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Medical Director, Resnick Hospital

The Life of a Mood Disorders Clinic
Michael Gitlin, MD, PhD
Director, UCLA Mood Disorders Clinic, Division Director Adult Psychiatry

PEERS-A Program for Socialization
Elizabeth Laugeson, PhD
Founder and Director, UCLA PEERS Clinic

Community Partnered Depression Research
Ken Wells, PhD
Center for Health Services and Society

Collaborative Care at UCLA
Jessica Jeffrey, MD, PhD
Associate Director, Division of Population Health, Department of Psychiatry
Rachel Linonis
Director of Digital Solutions for hthe Nathanson Family Resilience Center and UCLA Division of Population Behavioral Health

FOCUS: Family Resilience Training
Patricia Lester, MD, PhD
Division Chair, Population Health
Semel Institute at UCLA

Patient Family Advisory Council
Steve Cohen, MHA
Senior Clinical Director, UCLA
Glenn Kopelson
Founding Member, UCLA Resnick PFAC

Staff Engagement and Career Development Strategies
Susi Takeuchi
Chief Human Resources Officer UCLA Health

Education Conference Spring 2019

Hosted by UCLA

Top Row: NAAPA Conference First time attendees

2nd Row L:  Conference Speaker Ken Wells, PhD, Community Partnered Depression Research
2nd Row R: Conference Speaker Susi Takeuchi, Staff Engagement and Career Development Strategies

Bottom Row:  Michael Gitlin, MD, PhD

NAAPA Conference attendees
Education Committee Updates
Greetings from the Education Committee!

Thanks to our hosts at UCLA Department of Psychiatry for an excellent conference at the beautiful Luskin Conference Center on the UCLA campus in sunny Southern California.  What a great way to spend a few gorgeous April days!  38 of us enjoyed time together learning about UCLA, its’ struggles and achievements and enjoying time together.  Hope everybody learned lots…the program was certainly well-received!


Our Spring satisfaction scores were high –

—  Presenter/Expertise: 4.91 out of 5

—  Appropriateness of Topic: 4.80 out of 5

—  Presentation Material: 4.68 out of 5

—  Overall score: 4.80 out of 5


The top presenter score went to Dr. Gitlin (a perfect 5.0!)– “The Life of a Mood Disorders Clinic” – and more relevant:  My training director, Dr. Mark Kinzie, who trained at UCLA, predicted this to be the case!  Dr. Gitlin is a much-loved mentor at UCLA and they’re lucky to have him.


Likewise the top-scoring “appropriateness of topic” award goes to Susi Takeuchi, UCLA’s Chief Human Resources Officer for her presentation around staff engagement – another 5.0 score! 


The membership voted Dr. Elizabeth Laugeson as having the best presentation material (4.96 – almost perfect!) with her presentation about the PEERS program and “The Science of Making Friends”.  Her videos of awkward teenagers trying to make friends were a hit and who will ever forget her timeless tip about personal space:  “Keep about an arms’ length away….but don’t measure!”


We had a record number of first time attendees and we hope we engaged you enough to make you want to join us again in the fall – this time in Dallas Texas at UT Southwestern for another few days of learning, networking, take-twos and good comradery!  Based on your feedback, we are focusing on Telehealth, employee engagement topics, suicide screening and student wellness themes.  If you haven’t already signed up, it is not too late!  October in Texas is supposed to be a great time of year there – the hotel has a swimming pool so bring your suits.  We will have plenty of time to relax and get to know one another, and learn from each other how to better lead our departments.  See you in Dallas!

Upcoming Educational Conferences
Just as our location changes, so do our topics! They are relevant, timely, and reflect input from our membership. Our agenda will address issues in research, the clinical enterprise, and teaching/training in addition to national healthcare trends. Come to network with your colleagues from other academic institutions in one of the world’s best cities for entertainment, good music, and great food.

View conference details –

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Board Contact Information

President: Irma Sanchez • (410) 328-6771

Liz Stevenson • (503) 494-6144


Immediate Past President: Jennifer Collins • (316) 293-3568

Treasurer: Carly Collins* • (734) 936-8269

Secretary: Kelsey Montross • (319) 356-8887

Membership Director: Jeanne Lincoln • (402) 552-6155

Members at Large:

Benchmarking: Lindsey Dozanti* • (216) 844-5861

Education: Liz Stevenson • (503) 494-6144

Information Technology/Webmaster: Josh Ryder-Miller* • (937) 223-8850 

Membership: Rebecca Schmitt • (617) 636-1752

THANK YOU to NAAPA members for participating on the Board and committees.  Your dedication and support make our organization a vibrant and fun professional organization!

NAAPA Technology
by Joshua Ryder-Miller
Did you know that you can see 7+ years worth of previous conversations submitted to the NAAPA Listserv?
You can! Check out the Listserv FAQ.
Once logged in you can scroll through, search using keywords, submit a new post and even reply to existing posts in a forum style setup.  You will also see this forum achieve view embedded directly into the NAAPA homepage!  All members are still able to submit their questions and notifications to the NAAPA membership body by sending an email to to

Check out the Membership Directory on the Members Only page!  Complete with contact information and pictures, the directory is a great resource to get in direct contact with other members.

For organization information at your fingertips, go to  Find out who’s on the board, pay your membership dues, view job opportunities at member organizations, and more. Access the members only section (contact for the password) for conference handouts, conference pictures, and benchmarking information. Please note that is a new web address recently acquired for brand consistency.  You can access the site with either or

Network with other members on our private group on LinkedIn.

Do you share our passion for finding new ways for members to connect electronically? Contact Josh Ryder-Miller to participate on the Technology Development Committee.

Send questions, suggestions and ideas to

Newsletter Contributions
by Kelsey Montross
NAAPA News is published twice annually in the Spring and Fall. The goal is to provide  members with organization updates, conference information, and industry-specific articles and information. NAAPA members are encouraged to submit articles for consideration for publication in an upcoming issue.

Here are examples of potential areas of interest for articles:

  • Practical advice and thought-provoking information targeted specifically for Psychiatry Administrators;
  • Opinion pieces about issues affecting the healthcare industry;
  • Case studies that outline how you and/or your department implemented a new process or best practice;
  • Web-based resources that NAAPA members can use to gain information about a related topic;
  • Updated information on industry hot topics;
  • Professional and leadership development information and resources.
Please submit article write-ups to